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23 July 2003

Halkın Sesi

KAR were quoted in the North Cyprus paper Halkın Sesi following an incident at the border to the Southern part of the island https://www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz. A Greek Cypriot had picked up a stray dog whilst visiting the north side with plans to give it a home. At the border, allegedly, the dog was taken from him, put to sleep and burned, without any discussions with the man involved. The excuse given was that the dogs in the north could take diseases into the south. KAR were quoted as saying that there is not a disease problem in the north.

The poisoning of animals in North Cyprus is a daily nightmare with street dogs and feral cats, as well as domestic pets, being killed in this most horrific way. The main culprits appear to be shepherds who believe that they are 'protecting their flocks', and local councils attempting to rid their town or village of unwanted dogs that are the result of years of uncontrolled breeding by unneutered dogs which have been allowed to roam freely by irresponsible owners www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/. Recently incidents of poisoning have escalated far beyond any acceptable number. Dogs at the KAR Rescue Centre now appear to targets for poisoning. No less that six dogs have been deliberately poisoned by a person or persons unknown when poisoned meat has been placed in and around the Rescue Centre undercover of night. The affected dogs are only alive thanks to the quick thinking of staff who rushed the animals to local Vet Firdez. Working with her assistant Lindsay she has managed to save them. The long term brain and nerve damage to these dogs has yet to be confirmed. In response to this outrage the KAR committee announced that a 500 reward would be paid in exchange for information leading to a successful conviction. Friends and supporters have acted swiftly and pledges have been received to cover the reward offer http://www.bettingsiteonline.co.tzfootball prediction tips. In the event of pledges or donations being received in excess of 500, the Committee will announce how the extra money will be used.


19 - 25 July 2003

Cyprus Today

KAR had two articles in Cyprus Today, one relating to the Passport for Pets scheme and a further article on the July fundraising event, on board the Forsa.